To be brought to Him

    Да будемо приведени Њему

    President Kiron, UK
    President of the European authorities


    Cards with three calls to the operation serve to us and our friends closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior. Father's plan of salvation for His children is often called the plan of happiness. So called for a reason. Those who learn from it, and then act in accordance with the lessons, feel the blessing of the Holy Spirit and reveal the new luck that often differs from all previous experiences ..

    If you have not yet responded to the invitation to bring a friend, maybe these summer months are a good time to ask someone to join you for a walk at lunch or come to church to hear your speech or a friend.

    If you want to be spiritual or time-independent, you can take this month to pray with greater purpose and intensive reading the Book of Mormon.

    If you've never been thrifty, never too late to start. Every week and every month we set aside a little money and try to live within their means.

    If you need help to bring friends and become spiritually and temporally independent, then look for an ancestor. There are excellent bonding between the generations of our families on both sides of the veil, and every aspect of our life here on earth is blessed when we turn our hearts to their ancestors. These blessings we discover only when they take simple steps to find them and perform them for saving rituals in the temple.

    You'll probably be amazed at what is happening in your life when you answer these three calls. When you act with faith in these three simple ways, the plan Heavenly Sheep becomes more real for you. Indeed station plan of happiness. The difference between anxiety and peace is often small, small steps that can be easily overlooked because they appear too simple and routine. Take the following steps this year and see how it will affect you, your family and your friends.